"On The Go": Mobile Devices & Tablets, the New "It" Items to Have

"On The Go": Mobile Devices & Tablets, the New "It" Items to Have

Nowadays, people and IT devices have become inseparable. There is a rising demand for mobile phones, tablets among other internet-enabled gadgets. There are high chances that you too have been influenced by this wave. It is not bad though since it has opened up the minds of most people, as they access the social media and web sites. Besides, the devices today come with multiple features. If you are not on social media, you are browsing the internet or playing a game on your smartphone.

How Is the Demand for Smartphones and Tablets Globally?

From the inception of the first mobile phone, some of the biggest brands such as Nokia, Apple, Google and the like, have gone out of their way to develop advanced mobile phones, popularly known as smartphones. Even with their vast production, they have not been able to meet the global demand for these devices. All the same, they have produced devices for all price ranges. This enables even those who are not well off to enjoy the experience of having a smartphone.

As rumors have it, the market may become saturated with smartphones very soon. However, statistics show that sales of mobile devices increase by 20% every year.  The biggest sales are made in Brazil, Indonesia, China and India.  Of the world’s population of over seven billion, a good percentage own an internet-enabled mobile device. There is also an emerging trend of kids owning cell phones. This has also influenced the demand for mobile devices.

Tablets have also been in demand though not as much as smartphones.  This is attributable to the proliferation of large smartphones. Nonetheless, tablets remain iconic in the handheld gadgets devices. Their portability and their versatility make them the most sought after devices in businesses, since they can be used in all occasions. No wonder, they take the lion’s share of all the sales of tablets and smartphones combined.

Will Sales Remain at the Pinnacle?   

Of course, the demand for tablets and smartphones will keep rising. With most people coming to realization that these devices are much more convenient and efficient, the demand continues to grow. Furthermore, they come with several features together, which eliminate the need for buying cameras and portable music players among others. On the other hand, tablets and smartphones are being used in business increasingly. Hence, the demand for these gadgets can only go up.