Why you should use Project Scheduling Software to Manage Quotes

Preparing quotes is part the activities in most businesses and a challenging one because customers need quotes on different projects. Doing it manually can take a lot of time and effort and may also result to errors in calculations. That is why you should use the project scheduling software to prepare the quotes because it extends its services to creating shopping list for the items required when the quote is turned into a job. It also assigns employees and vehicles to the project.

Creating quotes is fast

Preparing quotes using project scheduling software such as Blue Collar Software takes less time than if you were doing it manually. You are only required to key in the required information and the quote is ready. Creating a duplicate quote requires a single click, and once the quotes are created, you can keep track of them including how much revenue they are likely to generate. The software goes a mile further and provides notifications when the quote has expired so that it can be followed up. You can also create standard templates for the quotes so that when you need to create a particular quote, you will just use the template.

Project scheduling software makes managing quotes easy

When using the project scheduling software, turning a quote into a job is done with one click. As soon as the potential customer agrees to the job, the software creates a list of the required items, making the task easier than if it was being done manually. You only need to ensure that the items are available so that the project can start. The software does much more than preparing the quotes because it stores the information about the quotes and uses it when the quote becomes a project.

Managing the project

The project scheduling software such as the Blue Collar software also takes part in preliminary stages of managing the project. It can track profits and expenses of the job to know if the job is worth taking or not and the profit margins it is likely to bring to the business. This is helpful in ensuring that the business is taking jobs that are profitable.

The software can also be used to assign employees to the job as well as assigning vehicles ensuring that everything about the project flows smoothly without wasting time in the allocation of duties and resources.